Look I know people are wondering where we’ve been. It’s a long story. I won’t be posting for awhile since I will be moving but Misha will gladly handle all your needs. The supernatural thing has been kinda hard since we had a Hunter Hayes concert( well she did) and I was spending time with my boyfriend. You can still send it things. It will probably take longer for us to get to it. I love you guys. You are the best followers ever and I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for you people I don’t even know. Bye!

Anonymous said: Are you ok?

we are fine sorry we’ve been gone

How I Met Him- Supernatural

ok so here is part two for how I met him and also this is Louis , so  I hope you enjoy and there will be more to the series.

Louis- Hybrid

Loud music feels the air, the crowd dancing on each other. Partying with your two friends at Jessica’s party ( a friend) . I walked to the kitchen to get a drink, but then I ran in to someone.” Oops I’m so sorry I’m a cults!” I say drunk. even though I felt really stupid I look up at the guy I ran into. ” Its ok love, it was partly my fault. Seeing someone beautiful sure dose get me distracted” he says lifting up my chin and I blush. ” I’m sure that girl is very pretty” I say smiling. ” Indeed she is I’m looking right at her!” he chuckles. I feel my face get heated. ” what’s your name?” I ask. ” Louis” he replies just staring in my eyes. Why do I feel like he’s different or is it that I drunk to much! ” (Y/N)” I say. For a moment everything in the room went silent and it feels like its just me and Louis. ” That’s a pretty name, I want to know you more!” Louis looks away for a second and back to me licking his lips that are just so - uh how can I say this kissable? ” That sounds nice, here let me give you my number and we can go out sometime and also hang out here too!” I giggle. Louis takes out his phone and nods for the signal for when ever I’m ready. I say digits. My friends walk behind me.” ahm ” one of them makes a noise to get my attention. I turn around. ” oh hey you guys I was just talking to-” I turn back to where Louis was standing but he was gone. Where did he go? “talking to who, Casper the friendly ghost!” the other laughs. ” oh shut up you guys stop being twats!” I yell back ” Come on lets go I have to get home soon” ” ok” we all agree. I wait at the bus stop. ” bye you guys ” “bye (Y/N)” they giggle back and walks to their car. They leave.” Hey (Y/N)” I turn around its….Louis! “Hey..” Come on I have a different way to get home.” Louis takes my hand and he walks me to his car. I look up to see the beautiful moon and I guess he noticed me staring. Louis look and felt different when I mean felt is his presence. we get in the car together and he kisses me. He kisses my neck and I feel a hard pinch ” ow that hurts ” I push him off me. Louis eyes are bright yellow with vampire teeth I touch my neck and wince in pain I look at my fingers and there’s blood! L-Louis he’s a Hybrid!

Anonymous said: Can you do a part 2 to the first supernatural preference?!

Yes I’ll try to put it as soon as I can! ~misha

Anonymous said: Are you making a full Supernatural Series for 1D?:) xx

Yes, yes I am if you need anymore questions just ask me XOXO ~misha

How I met him-Supernatural

This Is only Harry’s and Liam’s this is a new series I’m making and I will be posting Niall’s, Zayn’s, and Louis soon so stay tuned sorry haven’t been on In a while school ad fcat is getting to us so if there is any request please message us and we will try our best to get It to you so love you guys!~Misha 


Today was a sunny, bright day. I decided to take a walk to Starbucks, after work. Then ordered a Vanilla Bean Latte. “Thanks” I say to the young handsome male, handing over the cold beverage. “No problem” he flashed a smile at me. Sitting in a window seat, I take out my laptop on the side. After logging into my Tumblr account, five minutes later, I hear foot steps coming my way. “May I sit here?” The voice didn’t sound familiar. I looked up seeing the one boy from earlier. “Of course”, looking back down sweetly. “Do what’s your name?” I try not to sound weirded out. “H-Harry.” After he payed attention, he finally answered. “Y/N” A smile showing on my face. After talking for a while, he got called back to the cash register. Hours later, it’s 9:00 and I just got back from shopping. Almost a block away from my house, someone grabs me and I feel a sharp go through my arm. I see a sharp object near my face now. “Give me all your money!” He screams at me. Tears start to run down my face. “I will. Please don’t hurt me.” I managed to speak. I pull out my wallet grabbing my money shaking. I close my eyes as he points the knife closer to my face. Suddenly, white feathers flash in front of me when I hear the attacker scream in pain. I look up to see who, or what saved my life possibly. I was shocked to see Harry with beautiful white wings behind him. “Are you okay?” He stands there but then rushes to me when he sees the small the small wound in my arm. Harry pulls me close and tells me it will be alright. He flies up into the sky and I am absolutely amazed. Harry, he’s something I never even knew existed. He’s an angel!


It was a chilly,cold night. Walking back from the club. The clicking of my heels made a beat to song in was thinking of. “Cause your the one for me,the way you make me feel!” I sing. As I pass the woods I feel someone watching me so I walk faster. I hear twigs breaking getting closer. Running I try not to look in the woods. A deer runs out if the trees. I laugh to myself. But…I stopped when I saw a person running past with bright yellow eyes and sharp teeth right after the deer. He catches it ripping the skin. I watch in horror. I guess he didn’t see me,so I start running as fast as I could. Just when I blinked I bump into someone. I hit the ground.” Now,now that isn’t nice to run from people you just met” I look up to see a quite handsome young man with blood around his mouth. “What are you?” I say trying to get up. “A werewolf pretty obvious!” He says chuckling. “What’s your name love?” “(Y/N)” I say standing up. “Pretty name for a pretty girl,my name is Liam.” I blush not knowing why. Liam wipes the blood off with his sleeve. “Don’t tell anyone,ok?” He says smiling. “If you need me give me a howl!” He laughing giving me his phone number and walking off. “Bye (Y/N) see you around. ” I stand there. “B-bye” I say. “A werewolf hmm” I whisper to myself.

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